Friday, May 4, 2007

My Journey In PW Japan

Yes, I tried playing Perfect World Japan. Do not think that I am too anxious to play PWphil and resorted to playing the Jap version, I only played the game to test out their features. I can surely tell that this game is totally different from other MMO's and is worth waiting for. During those journeys I even got some info (and believe me, those info's that I got are based on my own experiences in-game) that would help you guys out when you enter Perfect World.

I do not have a screenshot of my specs but I would just tell you what I have:

Intel Celeron 2.00GHz
Nvidia Fx 5200 (128Mb)

768 Mb RAM

With those in my computer, I was recommended with 800x600 resolution and medium graphic settings. But do believe me, you would still experi
ence lag (and for my own personal taste I don't like the 800x600 resolution). So I tried changing it to 1024x768 resolution and changed all graphic settings to low (yes, even the grass details) and since then I haven't experienced any lag in mob areas, with the exception of th town of course, in town I do experience lag but not much, I don't see my character teleporting from one place to the other (lag effect), instead I only see my character doing the 2-step from time to time (y'know the dance step of 1,2 step by Ciara? just like that).

I know, I know A lot would ask that since there ar
e no loading screens in-game except for dungeons, would the first loading take too long? Based from my experience, the Initial loading of the game (for PW Jap ok?) from executing the game to your spawning entry, takes about approximately less than minutes. Fast eh? You'll see the loading screen just whisking away as if that its afraid that you'll get mad if it takes too long. You'll see the loading screen for just about secongs tops and you're already connected But then again, It's PW Jap, let's wait for PWphil if it's the same.

Just like what GM Tristan said, the face editor of this game is like Sims 2. from the whole head to the extra fine details (eyebrow, eye color etc.) is noticed here. The scrolling of each tab is so smooth and each slide gives a different shape to your character's face. You could really make your own face here (yes, me and Twist are actually gonna make our virtual faces in PWphil) since the face customization is fully detailed. This helps to give you the real meaning of uniqueness.

The area is huge! It's so big you'd probably end u
p being lost! Nyahahaha! It's true, and one thing that's great, is you can actually go anywhere you want. Whether its on the top of the tallest mountain or the deepest sea, you can reach it. Also, people do really mind the "flying" abilities. Yes they can all fly, there are also monsters in the air. But what's fascinated me is the "swimming" capability of the characters. They do not walk on water, they actually swim! you'll see the swimming action of your character which makes this game slightly into realism. But, like any other MMO's, you won't drown hehehe. Actually, It's kinda hard to memorize all the areas in the game since it's so big. everywhere you turn you'll see the horizon stretching out without ends. Good thing you could save some points in the map that actually acts like a radar and gives you directions on where to go.

Different races, different towns. But other races can actually enter or "visit" other towns to see their friends. And you should not only familiarize yourself on your town. There are also small villages, merchant stands, and blacksmiths outside of town, not to mention that the main city already has a lot of NPCs, you'd probably end up not memorizing all their names. And you should visit each and every town, village, or merchant you see. They might also have quests for you so this game has a lot of exploring in it. might as well discover them all. Who knows? we might get our own "secret Hideout" in there.

There are a lot of quests, usually giving the same task as the other. But doing the quests are better than grinding. There are a lot of monsters out there that's for sure, but they are scattered all over the map. no concentrations of monsters where you could pick your spot then hack away til your fingers hurt due to clicking the mouse and doing AoE attacks on the monsters. In my level 5 quests, one quest gave me a whopping 50% of experience. Now, imagine multiplying it to ten, or maybe even 20 since 20 is the maximum number of quest
s you can take at a time, wouldn't it be easier to levelup? So a piece of advice: do all your quests. And always click on the upper left button in your quest window. It would give you the NPC's location to take a new quest. And do take all of the quests, some really do give you similar tasks.

The ever famous vend:
Gaining money in-game is hard, Really hard. So you would result into vending your items to get more money.
The solution? A vending cat.
Items, Equips, Weapons:
There are a lot of loots in-game. ranging from arrows (for archers) to gems. and there are also ordinary loots which are used for item crafting Whatever you do, do not sell them right away, check those items first if they are meant for something or not. About weapons and armor, all of them depend on your strength and dexterity points. you can wield other items too (e.g. a priest wielding a sword) as long as you do meet the required stats of the item. You could also wear any type of armor, no job specifics for them. But my advice is, stick to the equipment you want. you might end up lacking stat points to wield the best weapon / armor.

That's it for now, I'll give it a couple more test runs and check what more did I miss.

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