Monday, April 30, 2007

Want To Be A Member?


Some might enter this blog and wants to apply as a member of this clan but do not know where to apply. Before applying, we suggest you to take a look at this post and check if you do meet or requirements. We know requirements are unique for gaming clans but we need to certify that the members truly fit to be an Elysian. This is not a clan recruiting for the number of members, this is a clan that we, the leaders, treat with respect and honor. And thus we do not pick all of the applicants, we test them.

*We do not accept instant in-game applications. Applicants in-game shall also be directed in our site.

Application requirements:

1. Frequent online attendance required but not a must. (excuses are understandable but not tolerated).

2. Willing to be a mainstay of the clan, no matter what the odds, or what the issues in the clan are (we are looking for members who would show complete loyalty to the clan, if you plan to change clans when you reach higher levels, don't bother applying)

3. Willing to undergo tests and screenings before acceptance (this would notify us how willing, or desperate if that's you call it, to be a member of this clan).

4. Must be willing to be active in the forums once you become a member (we need members to join the community, help new members, and familiarize with other members and leaders online or offline. We need communication amongst one another to promote unity).

5. Unique names are a requirement (no -=name=- or iamqt658585 etc. We only accept unique names to promote uniqueness in PW. Make your name unique and simple).

6. Must be a very good team player. (Applicants must be willing to work with his teammates and build a very strong team to be alerted for clan wars, territorial battles etc.).

7. Independent (applicants can work on his own with regards to lvling or pvp. without asking for help in pvp, frequent asking for buffs, money items, etc. Partying is acceptable, but you must certify that you can also level on your own).

8. Must know how to communicate well among other members (including respect for leaders, friendliness towards members etc. We need communication to build a good clan).

9. Accepts the fact that he/she may not be promoted (Promotion will be hard work. Details for promotion will be available after membership)

10. New members may choose a certain team to be assigned unless the team chosen exceeded the maximum population required (If this case happens, member may choose another team or will let the clan master decide the assigned team. You may ask for team exchange with another player but both parties should agree).

If you think you qualify to these requirements and want to be a part of our clan, follow the application guidelines and post a new topic in our Clan Recruitment thread.

Members shall have full access to the clan forums, clan exclusive goodies (TBA), and a privilege to be an author in this blogsite if you love blogging.

We shall await your application and we hope to see you as an Elysian!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Elysium 360

Welcome to the Official Elysium Blogsite!

Yep! Our own blogsite, owned and run by the same people that brought you the Elysium Message Boards. For members, you can post any topics that you like, whenever you want it. For the rest, you can still leave your comments or post some quick notes on our Cbox. Remember, more content means happier mods (right Gobs?). Get in with the circulation and drop those watchamacallits that you do, 'cuz this time Elysium is going 360 into the world of BLOGGING!!!!